UCP Glitchy Logins

I am always able to reach the UCP login page, but sometimes when I log in, the page just refreshes and I’m met with a blank login page and it keeps doing that if I try again. I know I’m using the right credentials, because if I use incorrect creds, then I’m met with the usual “Invalid Login Credentials” in the red bar. Also, after one of the glitches, the user manager page indicates that the session is active.

As far as when this happens, I’ve only had it happen on Chrome, and it seems to always happen on chrome for Android. Switching to Edge in windows, or Firefox in Android seems to solve it.

Any ideas?

It looks like maybe this is an https issue and chrome is just making things more difficult for poorly set up https systems. If I specify https://serverfqdn/ucp, then it seems to work, but otherwise I sometimes get that error.

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