UCP for EPM - Only licensed for Sangoma and Digium devices

My Device Management Widget in UCP shows “Only licensed for Sangoma and Digium devices

Should devices from other manufactures (eg. Grandstream) work when the commercial Endpoint Manager is purchased?

It was discussed here.

See bug report: https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-18395

Solution: Upgrade to edge.

I don’t know - never tried on phones other than Sangoma.

Yes. The EPM free licence will configure Sangoma and Digium devices. The paid license will support the devices listed on this page:

@PitzKey I saw that issue, but there it was a sangoma device, so slightly different; but nevertheless i already upgraded to edge, but without any difference

@lgaetz Then there is a bug, i have the paid license (upgraded endpoint to edge) but the error is shown

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