UCP Email Settings

I see inside the new User Control Panel I can change the Welcome Email template but is there a place I can change the variables?

Also where is the from email address pulled from?, I have a from email address in the Voicemail Admin settings, Fax Configurations, and Notifications under Sysadmin but the email still shows it is coming from [email protected]

I am running UCP 12.0.0Beta35 on FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-20

Why would you want to change the variables when you can just change the body itself?

Ok, but what about the From Email address and the Subject line? Those items don’t show up in the general settings.

Subject line is something I have in my queue to add.

The email is obtained from “AMPUSERMANEMAILFROM” aka the setting called “Email “From:” Address” in Advanced Settings.

Thanks, I didn’t see that one.

Is there a spot to set the Subject inside the config files that I can edit while you work on the future enhancement?

You’d have to edit the file (source) directly. This has been requested twice now so I’ll try to get it prioritized this week or today if I can manage it.

So im seeing this issue too.

When i change the email address in the Advanced Settings (AMPUSERMANEMAILFROM) it has no effect on the email sent to new UCP users.

Also, i cant work out how to change the URL, its currently the IP address, i would rather use the DNS name, and the port is incorrect (currently open bug: FREEPBX-7846).

But would like to have the correct email address, and the DNS name as the URL, is this easy to change ?

what are the caveats with changing the source file directly ? (if this is the method i should use)

If you have sysadmin installed then changing the email from advanced settings will have no effect

The DNS name is taken from advanced settings as well

Also that ticket number you referenced is closed

Modifying the source is up to you. Obviously when you update it would be reverted.

Sysadmin is installed however not the Pro version at this point (still not fully production)

Ok so if the settings in advanced settings have no effect with sysadmin installed, how do i set the email address and dns name for the url ?

Sorry, wrong ticket number: FREEPBX-8552 (the port 81 issue, i can see when running a netstat its not actually listening on port 81)

Also frustrated here with how to get that return address to change!

If you have sysadmin installed you set the from address for everything in FreePBX in the Notification section of sysadmin. Also the port number is pulled from sysadmin port management.

I have the non-pro sysadmin installed and have set a from address there, it has had no effect on the return address of emails from my system.

OK well it should be. Do you have all your modules updated?

I just tested it and it sent the email from the from address as defined in sysadmin module. Just make sure you have all your modules updated as this was just added in the past week

Yes, current distro version and all modules updated.

There was a small issue with the way this worked previous and should be resolved in the 12.0.24 release of Userman.

Good Day:

I am also experiencing this issue and would request clear guidance on how to resolve it.

FreePBX Distro Installed.
System Admin Pro purchased and installed.
yum -y update - applied
fwconsole ma updateall - applied (standard, commercial, extended)
So system fully updated as at today’s date.
Email being sent to new users is completely useless.

Hi , Congratulations! Your FreePBX account has been created! You can now use the credentials below: Username: XXXX Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To login to the following services: User Control Panel: Thanks, The FreePBX Team

In the Notifications tab in the paid System Admin module Tony is not correct. There is no place to change the http://address:81… this area is for email addresses only.

If you could kindly direct me to the link in your documentation that will explain how to correct the URL in the Welcome email link it would be greatly appreciated.

(BTW, it appears to me that this link is being auto-generated somewhere from the IP address assigned to eth0 and the port number assigned to UCP.

Thanks very much.

Hi All,

I wanted to confim, if it is possible to insert {secret} variable into the email body.
Essentially, the idea is to provide user with SIP auth info along with setup instructions for their softphones in the Welcome email.

Thank you in advance.