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UCP doesn't work to update buttons

(Doug Kuhns) #1

This is an update on a previous post UCP Whoops error
I Used system backup and went back to my first backup after I upgraded to SNG7. I still cannot make button changes in UCP The change shows as saved, but doesn’t show in green and the phone does not update.

What next?

(Itzik) #2

Which of the save options did you select?

(Vinod Kunchanur) #3


Please make sure that under the EPM template, verify whether the option “GUI Override” is set to Config file

Also, when you add any button then you need to apply “Save, Rebuild config and Update phones”

(Doug Kuhns) #4

Save, rebuild config and update phones. It was set to config file, I changed to GUI and it did not make a difference.