UCP DND not working Mitel 6867

From the UCP I can turn on follow me and it syncs with the phone no problem, but when I active DND in UCP it doesn’t active on the phone.
I’m thinking my Phone Apps is broken. I upgrade from 13.0.27 to 13.0.46 doesn’t fix the issue. Could still be Phone Apps
So it must be UCP. So I upgrade from 13.0.30 to 13.0.34 again nothing in the change log that looks like my issues but let’s upgrade UCP. I get an error

Error(s) downloading ucp:
Cant Verify downloaded module /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/ucp-13.0.34.tgz.gpg. Unable to trust GPG Key - aborting (Cause: GPG took too long to run the command: [/usr/bin/gpg --homedir /home/asterisk/.gnupg --no-permission-warning --keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve=true,timeout=5 --status-fd 3 --list-keys 2016349F5BC6F49340FCCAF99F9169F4B33B4659])

Run it again.

Did not fix the trouble.

I’m thinking UCP DND feature is broken. But how can that be, wouldn’t the rest of you complain?

Could it be User Management? upgrading from v13.0.62 to 13.0.67 Still Broken :frowning:

Now, what? How do I see if the UCP is activating DND other than calling the phone or watching the DND light?

Distro 10.13.66-11
Mitel 6864i v

You can set a BLF key on the Mitel 6867 for the extension you are putting on DND. If it lights up then you know DND is working from UCP or Phone Apps.

If from the CLI you do a “fwconsole stop restapps” then a “fwconsole start restapps” does this resolve it?

Also what version is the REST API module?

Sometimes also a “fwconsole chown” and “fwconsole reload” fixes some permissions quirks.

fwconsole stop restapps fwconsole start restapps = No change
fwconsole chown fwconsole reload = No changes.

REST API version 13.0.9

The DND button on the phone I’m testing is the REST APP DND button. and it works nicely. the DND button and the message waiting lamp turns red when activated. When I call the extension is the DND feature works. The only trouble is with the UCP not showing the status of the button.

When I just by dialing *76 to toggle the DND on and off the REST APP DND button and msg lamp doesn’t light, but the UCP will show the status. Testing the phone and the DND feature actives but the REST App DND button is not connected.

I think the trouble is in the DND app. It’s like the *76 DND and the REST App DND and not talking to each other.

DND Phone Apps works fine and just tested here with Sangoma and Yealink phone. Unfortunately Mitel is not a certified partner at this time so we have no way of helping much here. But the App itself is working fine.

Yes the REST App works fine it’s just not connected to the UCP API
When I’m in the UCP and toggle the DND button the REST App button doesn’t turn red.

All the other REST Apps work as they should. I don’t think this is a Mitel issue as REST App DND works as it should. The UCP is activating the *76 DND feature. I was thinking that the REST Apps DND just triggered the *76 DND feature code but it must not.

Is this something can be fixed? Should I open a ticket on it?


So programmed a BLF button for *76 my DND feature code.
I programmed another BLF for the REST App DND

Both DND buttons work togeather. *76 will not turn the lamp or button on.

Hmm… as a workaround, you can program a BLF to a specific REST-APP (like the DND app) in the EndPoint Manager.
That is odd… the command *96 should do the same as DND in the UCP or RestApp… i would think.

Is the UCP Node Server Deamon running?

If not, i remember a module update once breaking this (i can’t remember when or why)… but you can always reinstall it:
In FreePBX 13, from CLI run these commands. yum remove nodejs fwconsole chown yum remove npm yum install nodejs fwconsole ma uninstall ucpnode fwconsole ma remove ucpnode fwconsole ma download ucpnode fwconsole ma install ucpnode

Thanks for the tip, but his didn’t fix my issue.
This would have worked it the UCP demon was broken, but I think it’s not programmed to work the way I expect it to. I’m hoping others expect the feature to work the way I do. I would like the REST App DND button to be connected to the core DND feature. This way if you have the REST App DND button on the phone and you active the core featrue DND the REST DND BLF key will be light.