UCP Device Management - Where'd it go?

Hi all,

Having another odd issue here and I’m sure it’s something that I’m overlooking…I have an issue where some users have the option of “Device Management” under their UCP, some do not. Same phones, set up, etc. Not seeing where I “enable” this option… In User Management, under UCP, “Device Management” is not a tab on either user…What am I missing??

SHMZ 6.6
PBX: 10.13.66-21

It’s in User Management, UCP -> Endpoint Manager

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Hi Lorne,

Thanks for the input! This was set to “Inherit”…would you happen to know where the global setting is located??

Thank you again!!!

There is no global setting, it inherits the value that is set for the group.

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Thank you so much. :smile:

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