UCP Device Management Error

I have an error on UCP. I allow users to configure their own phone buttons using UCP- Device Management.

When a user logs into the UCP using the UCP port, we get an error and the Device Management does not work.

When a user logs into the UCP using the ADMIN port, there is no error and the Device Management widget works just fine.

To create the error, log into UCP using the UCP port. Add the “Device Management Widget”, click the cog wheel to edit your buttons, and watch the top right corner of the screen. A message will pop up in a RED box that says “There was an error. See console log for more details”.

For a visual of this error, have a look at this video from Chris @ Crosstalk solutions. During his demonstration of UCP, he gets the error, but seems to not notice it. (see youtube link below). Fast forward to 11:54 and watch the top right hand corner of his screen when Chris opens the “Device Management Widget” and clicks on the cog wheel.

Youtube Link

I see the same console error, and I have a ticket open for this now. In my testing, the appears to only be a cosmetic issue, it doesn’t prevent UCP from accepting new device config or prevent the device from being updated.

lgaetz. you are correct. I did some additional testing and I agree, this is a cosmetic error. The UCP-Device Management appears to function and update phones regardless of the error.

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Resolved in epm versions 15.0.57 and 16.0.75 which are in the edge repo now.

Beautiful. Ill do an EPM update over the weekend. Thank you.

Resolved in EPM versions and in edge repo now.

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