Ucp daemon node not running and ucp You are currently working in offline mode

UCP daemon is not running in the dashboard. And when logged into the UCP and click save to apply changes it says You are currently working in offline mode and the changes don’t save. Restarted pbx and no change. This is on PBXact and firmware is 10.13.66-21. All modules are up to date.

Sangoma Documentation would probably be a good step for you. I think there are more current versions of the firmware for you.

System Admin/ Updates says Error No Data lines found. View log No update currently running. You may close this window.

I updated to 10.13.66-22 and ucp is still not running

So I ran fwconsole start ucpnode and it says Started UCP node server. PID is 5243
But it still shows not running in dashboard.

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