UCP Contact Syncing with Exchange

In the “manual” for the User Control Panel-Contact Directory it sais:

Syncing with Exchange
You can also optionally sync in your Contacts from Exchange. Your system administrator will need to setup the Exchange connection piece from the Contact Servers module inside the PBX Admin interface.

I can not find the Contact Servers module. Any idea where that is hiding?

That is deprecated wiki you are looking at. Its for the old ARI not the new UCP. UCP pulls contacts from contact manager module in FreePBX which at this time does not sync with exchange but does allow importing of contacts from CSV


Yes, the import works.

I was hoping to automate this.

The system is open source - you might be able to automate this.

Hello Tony,

Can you tell me where I can find this import CSV in Contact Manacer. I only see ‘add user’ or 'add group’
Many thanks in advance.

I am sorry, I found it in ‘Bulk Handler’. Thank you