UCP Choose from which extension to generate call

When I click a contact number within UCP a popup asks me from which extension I should originate the call.
Actually, only my extension is listed on drop-down menu: is it possible to have multiple extension chioce to originate call from ?

IIRC, if you add assign permissions to multiple extensions in User Manager, then yes.

Sorry…where specifically ?? can’t find out…


Thank you,
unfortunately it doesn’t work

From user 607 (ext 607) I’m trying to enable extension 601 to originate call from (drop down list)

I set:
User Management -> User607 -> UCP -> Miscellaneous -> AllowedExtensionSettings=601 + EnableOriginatingCalls=yes
as well as :
User Management -> User601 -> UCP -> Miscellaneous -> AllowedExtensionSettings=607 + EnableOriginatingCalls=yes

with no luck, in UCP “originate call FROM”, still just one (own) extension is listed.

And…yes, being a selectable list something should be configured somewhere to allow multiple extensions to be chosen…

Any other suggestion please ?

You may want to report this bug.

Not a bug as per staff answer :

Originate call option from UCP is designed to work only with the linked extension and that is done intentionally by design.

It would be nice if the decision was up to system administrator/customer…

Then why is there a drop-down selection?..

Well, that’s what I’m wondering, too. But there is a workaround to reach each phone which is even reachable in the PSTN: add an unconditional forward for this device.

Another question I have: As of now, I didn’t find any way to initiate calls to arbitrary destinations - at the moment, I only may start calls to numbers listed in the call history. Which feature am I missing?

In UCP 13 you could do that, 14 and up you can only do that in call history and contacts.

Why has this been removed? This makes no sense … . Or is this meanwhile a feature you have to pay for?

AFAIK, UCP 14 was reworked from ground up, so that feature was simply not added (yet).

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