UCP CDR Downloads dont work with gsm format



For several years everything worked well, but unexpectedly now UCP CDR Downloads dont work with gsm format.
(issue like this UCP downloads not working)

Why did this happen, and how to fix it?

Two quick questions:

What do you have in your browser that can decode GSM Sound Files?

I’ve never found a browser plugin that could play GSM sound files in an acceptable way.

Why are you storing your CDR Sound Files as GSM?

The default in the system is to store them as “wav” files, you have to change it on purpose to store them in any other format.

  1. Issue only with downloads. Play work fine.
  2. gsm is compressed

IIRC, the CDR code in UCP assumes a .wav extension. View the source in your browser window and make sure the system is pulling the gsm file.

I had this problem with mp3 files (which I convert my CDR recordings to after the fact). The .wav file isn’t found because I delete it after the mp3 conversion.

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