UCP causes CPU to spike to 100%

FreePBX distro 16

Anyone else having issues where logging into UCP causes the cpu to spike to 100%?

htop in the cli shows: /usr/sbin/httpd -DFOREGROUND as the culprit using upwards of 97% of the CPU time.

as soon as I log out, the CPU’s go back down to 5-10%

There needs to be more context. Like how many CPU do you have?

@BlazeStudios just one CPU it’s a vultr vm, 2gb ram. The only thing unique about this system from my others is that this one is running sangoma connect. Originally it didn’t do this behavior. I just went in to grab the OpenVPN info for one of the users and noticed it.

Today the behavior seems to have gone away, just logged in to test again and the processor time goes up and down as I’d expect but nowhere near what it was doing the other day.

Do you have 100% dedication of the CPU? Otherwise other guests might have been competing for it, but the 100% would be of allocated capacity, not raw capacity.

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