UCP cannot listen to call recordings/ controls not even showing

I have seen several posts on the subject but havent actually seen a resolution stated. I have all inbound calls set to record (forced), I can see the calls and listen to the recordings in CDR report without an issue, however in UCP, the recordings are not listed, and the “controls” section is without icons. This may just be a setting somewhere that I need to modify(?) since the actual recordings are being seen in CDR? I verified the permissions of the recordings directory to be properly owned by asterisk. I read through the wiki notice on the control panel regarding changes to call recording, and they are indeed being recorded with current calls, just absent only from UCP. If this has been answered and I just missed it, im more than happy to hop to the thread regarding it (i just could not find one)

Running ]# cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version

This is because UCP has determined that it either:

A) Cant find your recordings
B) Your recordings are corrupt
C) Some other issue?

Understood. Now, since the call recordings are available via CDR report(and I can listen to them without issue), how would I go about determining which of the reasons UCP is finding fault with and or correcting it? They are located in the default location (or at least the one they have always been in) /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/[year]/[month]/[day]/* owned by asterisk:asterisk.

]# pwd
[[email protected] 16]# ls -al
total 512
drwxrwx— 2 asterisk asterisk 4096 Jan 16 12:32 .
drwxrwxr-x 15 asterisk asterisk 4096 Jan 16 09:24 …
-rw-r–r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 30658 Jan 16 11:39 external-570-XXXXXX0554-20150116-105258-1421427178.1353_cfb34bd82c94ce7ff86db8ff4d476898033c4421.ogg
-rw-rw---- 1 asterisk asterisk 157164 Jan 16 10:53 external-570-XXXXXX0554-20150116-105258-1421427178.1353.wav
-rw-r–r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 30309 Jan 16 12:32 external-570-XXXXXX9475-20150116-122553-1421432753.1396_9caef2b05b8a9877f747ea838e8bde8f4b2722ca.ogg
-rw-rw---- 1 asterisk asterisk 163244 Jan 16 12:26 external-570-XXXXXX9475-20150116-122553-1421432753.1396.wav
-rw-rw---- 1 asterisk asterisk 44 Jan 16 12:30 external-570-XXXXXX9475-20150116-123043-1421433043.1439.wav
-rw-r–r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 17813 Jan 16 12:32 external-570-XXXXXX9475-20150116-123052-1421433052.1464_31d5c686edb76fe8a99e1ff2842183b27a09e2cb.ogg
-rw-rw---- 1 asterisk asterisk 95404 Jan 16 12:31 external-570-XXXXXX9475-20150116-123052-1421433052.1464.wav
-rw-rw---- 1 asterisk asterisk 44 Jan 16 09:25 external-570-6622606644-20150116-092450-1421421890.1328.wav

I have a similar issue. Calls listed but no controls. Have tried some browsers, same.

You must grant permissions in User Management for your users to play and download recordings in UCP.

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second that…

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Already done. Other ideas?

This won’t work well in freepbx 12. Or at all.

You mean UCP or settings on the screenshot?

Playing recordings won’t work well in freepbx 12


Problem was in the missing module cdr_mysql.so. Without it information about recording file was not wrote to cdr table and accordingly, the player buttons were not displayed(no file, no player)