UCP Call History shows duration of total call

You would expect that the “User Control Panel” is in perspective of the user.
The “Call History” shows the “Duration” of the total call and not the part where the particularly user was involved. The latter is what is expected and the current behavior is confusing.

Can we change that?


Am I the only one who has a problem with this?


Perhaps if you actually provided some details someone could comment. Are the calls they get routed directly to the user? Do they come from a queue? Does a ring group send the call to them?

What part of the call is not the “user” part and what part is? Details and examples help people be able to comment on your issue.

Example to make it clear.

The user (extension) answers a call from a queue. Hangsup this caller after 60 seconds.
The caller has been already waiting in the queue for 120 seconds before the user answered the call.

In the UCP the user will see a call duration of this call of 180 seconds. Which is wrong from the user’s perspective. The users expects to see a call duration of 60 seconds.

It is not only calls from a queue but also calls which has been transferred from an other user.

You need to use CEL instead of CDR

Of course.

Thank you.

(I disabled UCP CEL for this inbound call centre system. We want to hide the callerid for the agents. And in de CEL you still can trace back the callerid).