UCP Call History Not Using Index, slow queries spiking load

We’ve tried several times to enable the FreePBX UCP without success. Every time we do it the load on the server spirals out of control(and we have to take it away from our users again). I believe one of the main issues is the “call history” isn’t using an index when it’s executing it’s MySQL query. Is there a setting change or something to correct this? I did a “show full processlist” in MySQL while UCP was executing it’s slow query spiking the load. Here is the query I found.

When I copy/pasted the query into the body of this post it was giving me a 404 error, so attaching screen shot of that.

Also Attached is a screen shot of a “describe” on that query on our install and a screen shot of our cdr table so you can see the fields that have an index.

Please file a bug report/feature request: issues.freepbx.org

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