UCP Call History not complete

UCP Call History is not complete
When I make a call with my extension to a outside nummer, I cannot see that, I only see a arrow to the right ->
but in freepbx I can see all the detailed information

Version I use:
FreePBX ‘FreePBX Voip Server’

Are CEL options assigned to the UCP account in user manager? Just trying to rule out what may or may not be the obvious.

In freepbx I have : CDR Reports with CEL info
But how Can I assign to the UCP user?

I think this is a error??

solved in Freepbx 13 ??

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Are you using a remote CDR DB or the built in one? If the built in one, that bug shouldn’t apply. Make sure in your fpbx gui, you go to admin, user management, select the desired user and enable everything on the call history tab under UCP.


How can see which I use, CDR DB or buit in.
My cdr records are in the asterisk mysql database ( asteriskcdr)
In freepbx reports I see all the transactions (CEL level), in
FreePBX Advanced Settings : CEL is enabled
ADMIN-USER MANAGEMENT - in UCP part I have everything enbled with regard to CDR

In UCP call history I see that allready every call with my extension is registered,
but …but … i do not get detailed information
for example when I make a call to a outside nr , I do not see that numer,
I see only my own number (CID)

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Are CEL options assigned to the UCP account in user manager??

NO in ADMIN-USER MANAGEMNET, I do not see any Field about CEL options, only allow CDR etc, this I enabled,

but nothing about CEL