UCP: Any way to do bulk contacts import?

I have FreePBX running on a Raspberry Pi and one of my friends is a user on the system and he just discovered the Contacts section of the UCP. His first question to me was whether there was any way to take his Google Contacts (which can be exported as a CSV file) and import them into the UCP contacts. I couldn’t find anything on the subject and I even took a look at the MySQL Asterisk database to see if perhaps they could be imported directly, but I discovered that the user contacts are spread out among several tables, not just a single flat one, so even if I knew how to import a CSV file into a single MySQL table that wouldn’t work here.

Google can export contacts into either of two formats, one for importing back into Google and the other for importing into something else. Both formats have a ridiculous number of fields, most of which would not be needed. It would be nice to have the option to omit records with no name information and/or no phone numbers, which for some reason do appear (some are nothing more than email addresses). Is there any way to do that, whether from within FreePBX or using an external program? His contacts CSV file has over 900 lines, only about 300 of which would actually be valid contacts with names and phone numbers, so I don’t think either of us are keen on trying to enter them manually. Even if the contacts page could only import CSV files containing the fields it knows about, that would be helpful because I have software that can remove unwanted columns from the file.

Thanks for any guidance!

You can import contacts into FreePBX in the contact manager and create a contact group but at this time UCP has no bulk import for contacts. Just in FreePBX contact manager. Those contact groups you create will show up in UCP

that could very useful… any news about this topic 6 years later ?

Done by the pbx admin with bulk handler module.

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