UCP 14 add FAX Widgets Error

Hi all,

I have just upgraded my system from freePBX 13 to 14, and I able to add any of the widgets in UCP but except FAX, I have tried disable and enable again Fax Configuration Professional Any suggestion?

Btw, I was think that if UCP 14 can have a general dashboard by default will be better. I can imagine how confuse when users first time login UCP 14 from the old version even there is a Tour provided, they’ll still look for administrator support.

Do you have Faxpro

Yes, my “Fax Configuration Professional” module has been licensed.

You mentioned you have upgraded the PBX, can you see in the activation section that it’s actually licensed?

It show me it’s licensed :no_mouth::

Since this is a commercial module, you can contact support. support.sangoma.com

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This can be a bug as I tested if edit user change Fax from “Inherit” to “Yes” and then you can add the Fax widget.

My users are link with AD and also have AD group assigned, that’s way in freePBX version 13 I’m use of “Inherit” for Fax do not have any issues.

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