UC100 Dinstar 2 FXO Gateway Trunk


I need help. “PLEASE”

I have set up freepbx with Asterisk version 13. It is on a site where FXO/POTs line is not available. I already had Dinstar UC 100 its manual is in the following link.

What I want to do is, I want to setup a trunk so that my extension in Freepbx dials and goes to UC100 (via fiber) and dial out. But I dont know how this will be done in this case. I have setup normal SIP trunks as well as IAX. but this is new and I dont know how its done.
Can anyone please guide me? Has anyone done it?
This device (Dinstar) is an IP PBX.
Please help

Can anyone please give me any idea ?

I know almost nothing about Dinstar, but try this to start:

In FreePBX, set up a pjsip trunk named UC100.
In PJSIP Settings → General:
Authentication: Both
Registration: Receive
(Username, Auth username, SIP Server and SIP Server Port are greyed out and can be left blank)

In PJSIP Settings → Advanced:
Match Inbound Authentication: Auth Username
Rewrite Contact: Yes

In the UC100, set up SIP and FXO trunks. The SIP trunk is how you specify the IP address and port of FreePBX. The FXO trunk should register using the SIP trunk with Username and and Auth Username both set to UC100, and Password matching the value of Secret in the pjsip trunk.

I probably forgot some stuff. If the UC100 doesn’t register, report what, if anything, appears in the Asterisk log when it tries. Otherwise, post logs (including pjsip logger) for failing inbound and/or outbound calls, as well as screenshots of SIP and FXO trunk settings in the UC.

Are FreePBX and UC100 on the same network???

No. They can ping but they are NATted.

Need to set new trunk to connect to UC100 and in Dinstar configuration can use technical guide as reference on the following link How to config P2P between FXO and FXSDINSTAR

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