Ubuntu 9.04 - No call monitor data or report data

I know Ubuntu is not the best platform to use for an Asterisk install but it was the only flavor of Linux that supported all the hardware in my MSI Wind netbook. I wanted to demonstrate Asterisk in a compact wireless environment that could be used in disaster relief and emergency settings. Ubuntu netbook remix was the only Linux flavor out of 3 that I tried including, Centos 5.3 and Fedora 11x, that would recognize the realtek wireless 818x in the MSI.

So that’s the background and here’s the 411

  • MSI Netbook U100
  • Asterisk
  • Asterisk-addons 1.4.9
  • Lame 3.97
  • PHP5
  • Mysql 5
  • Apache2

I followed the Ubuntu 6 and 7 install dialogues found here and used my knowledge of 30 something Centos 5x installs.

When you look at call reports and Call monitoring the list of calls is blank. Everything else works beautifully.

I have heard, via Googling, that the problem has to do with asterisk-mysql not compiling properly under Ubu and therefore not logging a uniuqe id for call records. I also found a patching article which I tried to no avail. Admittedly I was in over my head on that track but I tried.

So,… the question has become,…Is their any other possible cause for this problem and if so is their a way to fix it without monkeying around with the source and patches??

Using instructions for the Centos 5.1 install and Ubuntu 6/7 guides I was able to install from Ubuntu 9x “netbook remix” with Asterisk 1.6 and FreePBX 2.51.

Everything works wireless with call reporting and recording. It has all the bells and whistles and they all seem to work. With a couple wifi phones this should be a pretty awesome, mobile demonstration of the power of Asterisk.

I will retrace my steps shortly and post an install guide.

check your cdr status in the debugging terminal see if you have mysql there
if not you might need to re install or recompile how every you installed with apt-get install mysqlclientlib15

I cannot remember exactly where but in your asterisk configuration is cdr database type which also needs to specify mysql

did you do an apt-get or did you compile from source?


i use this guide with a couple of tweaks instead of download his version download your own also remember with 9.04 you need a patch for zap tel.

That was in my 8/29 post. I need to leave the MSI as is (working) for a couple weeks then I will re-install and post my steps as an install guide for Ubuntu 9.x with specific steps for the MSI-Wind or any system using the built-in, Realtek->USB, strange, 81x NIC.

The trick was getting all the Asterisk and Freepbx requirements via the Ubuntu, GUI, software add/remove utility. I can’t remember the exact name but it is something, something package manager.

I did it all by trial and error based on error messages telling me some prereq was required or not installed. 1 by 1 I got the required, prerequisites through this Ubuntu package manager, thing.

It’s a “badass” little PBX that you can take on the road and get sip trunks via mobile, broadband adapter while 3 or 4 phones or softphones connect via hardwire or adhoc wireless.

If I can just get FEMA to contract me for a couple hundred of them to use in disaster relief it will be huge for disaster recovery services.