Two trunks and one outbound route


I am currently running freepbx with Asterisk on a CentOS 5.2 system.

I have set up 2 seperate SIP trunks one has the CID withheld (dial straight out) and one sends CID (dial 9 to use this trunk). I have one outbound route and wonder if this is set up properly due to getting the “all circuits are busy” message when dialling 9 to use the secondary trunk. In the outbound route the main withheld CID trunk is at the top of the list followed by the secondary dial 9 trunk.

Is this set up correctly?

You would need two outbound routes

Thank you cosmicwombat.

This section is very confusing for me. I have the dial 9 trunk set up to remove the 9 before sending the dialled number in the trunk dial rules as follows: 9|. would I remove this from here and place it in the new outbound route dial rules?

To help your understanding, see HOWTO: Route Dial Patterns and Trunk Dial Rules

Thank you for your time wiseoldowl