Two servers and extentions

I don’t if this can be done but I figured i’d ask anyway. Is is possible to have two asterisk servers linked to each other and cross over the extentions. What I mean by this is if 1XX and 3XX are located on different servers can I put 1XX on line 1 of the phone and 3XX as line 2 on the same phone? If it can be done how can it be done?

This is dependent on you phones. If your phone allows you to register to more than one server it will work. What brand of phones are you using?

I am using the new generation Polycom phones. I noticed in the end point manager I could edit a file to do what I wanted but I havent tried it yet.

I am trying to accomplish the same thing with a Polycom 550. Did you ever get the Polycom to register with 2 different servers?

I did get it to work. You have to go into the settings of the phone itself and change the settings for the line you want to connect to the other server. End point manager is the simple way of setting up the phones but you can not put two different servers into it and it work. It has to be done through the admin settings in the phone itself.

Well, you can actually put multiple extensions on a phone with EPM. You have to go in and edit the basefile.

Rather that putting two extensions on each phone, have you thought of linking the two servers and putting the 1xx on one and the 3xx on the other, then routing between the two servers?


I manually configured a phone and got it to register to the two different servers. I think I can make it work with EPM.

Bill, I already have an IAX2 trunk between the 2 servers. Extensions on server 1 are 60xx and server 2 are 61xx. I have the routing setup to do extension to extension dialing between the 2 servers.

The reason I need a phone with an extension on each server is to allow the business owner to spy and listen/whisper calls on each server. He is physically located at site 1 and can spy and listen/whisper in on calls on the server at site 1 because his phone has an extension on the server at site 1. I need an extension on his phone at from site 2 so he can spy and listen/whisper in on calls at site 2.

I might suggest that using from-internal for the IAX trunking, (presumably done) , and adding a spy context that conditionally knows which server to dial on for 60XX and 61XX and run the spy app would also work. maybe the spy app is just renumbered to 55 then 6055 and 6155 should “just work”

I have done the routing between the servers as well. For my application I needed specific phones to have certain numbers as well as any line being able to page any other extention. I had to link the servers with an IAX connection and then on the phones I configured which lines I wanted where. I was never able to manually configure a config file in EPM and it transfer to the phone and work.