Two separate paging issues

Good morning,

I have recently deployed two FreePBX systems using a Sangoma 60 appliance that both use the same method of paging using extensions that use FXS ports to go to a Bogen amp. Both instances are having different issues, which I will explain below.

Set up A: FreePBX server is used in conjunction with a Vega 50 Gateway with 8 FXS and 2 FXO ports. Bogen amp is connected through Port 8 on the Vega. Extension 299 is set up as a Chan_Sip extension and is configured to go out port 8 on the Vega. Currently users can dial the extension and use the paging just fine, but when they hang up the phone they hear a busy signal over the facility loudspeakers. The length of the busy signal seems to correspond to the ring time set up in the extension. I cannot set the time any lower, as it seems that the call cuts itself off after the length dictated by the ring time. How do I tell the extension to hang up the call immediately?

Set up B: Similar to set up A, but without the Vega gateway. The extension is set up as a DAHDi extension and uses an FXS port on the front of the server. This time, the second I connect the server to the Bogen Amp they immediately hear dial tone over the loud speaker. Is there a way this can be somehow silenced until an actual call has been placed?