Two Problems

I just installed FreePBX and Asterisk version 1.6. I’ve ran all the updates, getting FreePBX to 2.9.

On the phones (Cisco7940G), I get “Proxy Unavailable”, even though I have the FreePBX server’s IP correctly entered, and the correct settings register on the phone’s network settings.

So, I try to troubleshoot this, but then I noticed that when I go into the asterisk CLI, the “sip” commands are not available. When I type a “?” I get all the commands, but sip is not one of them…

Any thoughts out there?
I’m afraid I’m somewhat new to Asterisk…

You need to look at the Asterisk log in /var/log/asterisk/full and see what error is causing the chan_sip module not to load.

You did not tell us how you installed the system so more specific help is not possible.