Two problems with FreePBX

Hi to all,

I use FreePBX version with dahdi. The first problem is with dahdi: At the system startup i can’t find a way to start correctly Asterisk with Dahdi.

My boot configuration is the following:


/usr/sbin/rcdahdi start &

sleep 15

/usr/local/sbin/amportal start &

/sbin/route add -host gw &

/usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/ --enable-all &

But, in this way, dahdi don’t work with asterisk… I have to manually stop amportal, stop dahdi and then restart dahdi and amportal to have it to work. I don’t figure why, seems a timing problem, but with the sleep 15 no resolution at all… Any Hint? My OS is OpenSuSE 11.2.

The second problem is with the web interface. I have a CallerID Lookup Source it uses a mysql query to give the name from the callerID, and this works perfectly. The only thing, most annoying, is the cache results box. If i flag it, hit Submit changes and then apply changes if is necessary, i return to that page and the chace result box is not checked… no conf saved! I have looked at the webserver logs, activated php DisplayErrors, but no hit of what can be. The only method i have found is to connect to the mysql database where are stored the configurations, ad make manually an update of the field “cache” with an entry of “1”. But, in any case, this value returns to 0, i don’t know why…

Any hint also for this?

Thank you to all, have a nice day!