Two Problems unrelated between each others

Good Morning everyone.

As I mentioned in the Subject, I’ve got 2 small problems:

Ring Groups: I set 3 extensions on a ring group which “captures” an external number with a hunt policy ring, however, it doesn’t act as I hoped.
It seems that after the 10 seconds timeout I set, it restarts from the first number of the list without passing to the second extension.
In case I did not myself clear:
external----->ring group---->first extension(no one answer)—>gets back to first extension.
But I was expecting that
external----->ring group---->first extension(no one answer)—>second extension(no one answer)…and so on

Call Transfer: Is it possible to make attended transfer via the phone softkeys instead of blind transfer? I’m using Yealink t22 phones.

Thanks for the support.