Two peers for each extension

As of about 10 days ago I noticed something different happening with my Freepbx 12 installs.
Usually I have a single peer for each extension I add to the system such as peer 123 for extension 123. As of now I have two peers for each extension 123 and now 99123 also. When I do an extension listing in the GUI the 99 extensions do not show up, but if I do a “sip show peers” in the CLI I see two peers per extension.

I also notice that in the System Status GUI I show 9 users offline and 5 users online yet I only have a total of 7 extensions along with 7 UCP’s

Any idea why this happens?

It’s related to the WebRTC module. The peers with 99+ext are technically WebRTC peers. It may be some kind of bug but it appears to be harmless. You can get rid of them by either uninstalling the WebRTC module (if you have no plans to use it) or as a kind of work around you can add a new extension with the 99+ext then remove it. I did this on a couple of test systems before I figured out what was happening.

If you enable WebRTC in User Man for each user it will create those devices