Two pbx's on the same network

A company has just taken over a building from another company near the original building with multiple telephone lines. It’s cheaper to place a new pbx than have the phone company move the telephone lines to the other building. But the new setup is complicating matters because the quick fix was to connect the two buildings via a wireless connection. So both pbx’s are on the same network, but now one is giving us issues. The one system is giving the busy tone when dialing, so outbound calls are not always possible, this happens randomly. Sometimes outbound calls are being placed with no problems but sometimes the busy tone is being played when attempting to dial out and you have to repeatedly dial the number to get a outbound connection. We’ve split the network with a router and everything seems fine now. Any ideas what the problem could be. Maybe two pbx’s on the same network (in the same ip range, same subnet, same gateway same dhcp server, you get the idea) do not play well together. I have to add one pbx is FreePBX and the other is Elastix

I’ve got a similar setup as you describe, and it works without any issues. I’d have to ask how you are routing outside calls? How are you linking the two boxes?


how exactly do you mean route outside calls and currently they are not linked