Two Network Card - Local and Internet?

I have a Freepbx installation with two network card.

The first network is pointing to a public ip and is working fine

the second is a local ip, but is not working when i enter the ip on other computer doesn’t show the freepbx web:


can somebody point explan what could be the problem??

thanks in advance

What variation of FreePBX is this? PiaF? TrixBox? …

Can you access FreePBX from the public IP?

Can you ping it?

Can you access the PBX using SSH?

As far as I remember, the default install of the FreePBX results in only one active NIC, all other NICs are disabled. Try bringing it up by issuing command from the server console:
ifup eth1
(substitute 1 with whatever number the interface has)
This should bring it up, assuming the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 contains correct settings. To keep the interface up after reboot, modify the file, replacing ONBOOT=no with ONBOOT=yes
step by step instructions to modify the file can be found here:

Problems solved