Two Minor Issues with FreePBX Distro, FW 12.7.5-1805-3.sng7

Have recently setup a distro box with the versions above in the topic. There are two minor things that confuse me and I don’t understand.

1). After doing module and system updates, when I log into the root CLI, I get a message that there are 27 updates and a module update. I found this thread,

and it states there is a lag and the final comment is another login should show it properly. I have logged in a bunch of times and it still glares at me! LOL.

2). Often, after a fresh start of a web session, when I click on most anything such as Reports → CDR Reports, I get this banner that states Undefined. It could be any link within fpbx. AND when I leave to go to like MSN or webmail that same red “Undefined” banner will flash. This happens mostly on Firefox. A cache thing going on with the browser? I cleared the cache for the fpbx web page and will have to see what happens as it doesn’t show right away.

Other than the above minor issues, the system is working fine.

Any help or thoughts would be great!


Today when I logged in via the CLI, the updates message was gone, so time does take care of it.

But, the Undefined banner still happens. I have cleared my cache, cleared history, cleared saved form data and etc. It flashes and then goes to whatever I clicked.


If you could provide a screen shot or more information from “around” that, we might be able to get into the context of your question. At this point, it’s a little vague.

Thanks Dave,

My apologies as I often worry about my clarity.

The “Undefined” banner is an image that is stretched across the top of the FreePBX web page/gui that apparently is designed to alert you that an element or link is undefined. It is reddish in color and states “Undefined”. It is so brief that I cannot take a screen shot of it. Pops up and goes away. Doesn’t interfere with any actions it is just a bit annoying and unnerving until you get used to.

That’s about the best I can explain it. I’ll try and figure out some way to capture the elusive beast!


There will be something in the browser debug window (which is F12 in Chrome) - Something broke in the background, and it was so broken,even the error TELLING you it was broken, broke.

You should have some errors in the browser console which will be able to hint at what the problem is.

Thanks Rob. I’ll dig around some more.

I see the “undefined” banner quite frequently as well. Often when going from dashboard -> module admin.

I have no errors in my browser debug, but the following warnings:

QMIGRATE: jQuery.expr[":"] is now jQuery.expr.pseudos pbxlib_17ce7f5bb350f1a3604805da83e63e395aa154a5.js:276:258
JQMIGRATE: jQuery.expr.filters is now jQuery.expr.pseudos pbxlib_17ce7f5bb350f1a3604805da83e63e395aa154a5.js:276:258
JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.unbind() is deprecated pbxlib_17ce7f5bb350f1a3604805da83e63e395aa154a5.js:276:258
JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated pbxlib_17ce7f5bb350f1a3604805da83e63e395aa154a5.js:276:258
JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.removeAttr no longer sets boolean properties: required pbxlib_17ce7f5bb350f1a3604805da83e63e395aa154a5.js:276:258
Source map error: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
Resource URL:
Source Map URL:[Learn More]

Running distro 12.7.5-1805-3.sng7
Freepbx ver
Fully updated modules (to edge versions), but with most commercial modules disabled, except for sysadmin, zulu and SMS

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