Two locations IVR one dowsn't work

Hello, I’m helping my friend to put a IVR at a second location where he has two places. First location works great and IVR is working perfectly. Second location phones work and extension works. When I put a IVR and add the Announcement that took. I put the Direct Dial to extension then I put the IVR Entries. First one is Ext 1, Destination is Extension 801 then I submit it and apply it. When I call in the phone line for the second location I can here the Announcement and when I press 1 nothing happens. it keeps on saying invalid. I don’t know what to do. I can provide screenshots If needed. But I’m not at the place to login to take them tomorrow. Can someone please help me to figure out this problem?


I think you need to turn off direct dial? I assume it’s waiting for an extension when you press 1?
When you call the IVR and press 801, does it dial the extension?

When pressing the number 1 in IVR it goes to extension 701. Pressing two goes to to an announcement. When I press three it goes to a another IVR message and a different setup of menu.


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