Two Issues

Ok. #1 Linksys SPA942 Phones. When I am on the phone, and another call comes in, It wont ring another line or ext. On phone. it beeps like call waiting. So some reason, its not rolling to other phone ext. or buttons on phone???

#2 - How do I set-up Voicemail, so it sends to my Email after someone leaves a message.

Sorry, kinda new at this, but I am a quick learner!

Thanks in advance!

Turn off call waiting.

In FreePBX go to your extension and enable vm to email and put your email address in the box.

I might add that this is without knowing what Asterisk, FreePBX, etc… versions you are using or if you hand built the box or used an ISO or what have you.

Robert -
Ok I have done that and tested. Still no Email, with Voice-mail attached.
The phone does everything it should, lights up that I have a VM, 10 secs after I leave a message.

Do you have a server configured to relay your mail? The server running FreePBX needs to have a working mail configuration.

You can test from the command line with the ‘mail [email protected]’ The send key is ^d when entering the message text.

You can look at the results of the mail send by checking /var/log/maillog

These comments are assuming this is a Redhat based system you are installed on.

It would be helpful to tell us what kind of build we are talking about. Built from an ISO ? If so, which one ?

Forgive me… long story… the Server and FreePBX were both set up by someone else, not me. Everything I know to this point, was acquired from watching over Team Viewer, and things that were explained over the phone. Also reading the FreePBX Manual. I have been running things on my own for over 2 years now. The original plan was I signed up for a “hosted” system, that company was attempting to 1. get off the ground and 2. try a different server type. EVERYTHING FAILED. Lucky for me I got to keep the 4 Linksys Phones, Free!. One of the employees felt bad, and helped me set up my own PBX, and also provide service when I needed it. That person has since fell off the face of earth, and will not respond to my emails. Website gone… and So on…

So, the Server I have running has what I think is Asterisk, This was installed with a ISO Disk, This was also something he walked me through to install. Once install he did everything remotely. I have not updated or done anything to the server/asterisk software, for I am not sure what would happen to the FreePBX software if I update it or anything.

So that’s where I am on Aug. 2, 2011 -
Everything works, I am happy with just about everything. But again, when someone leaves a message, I don’t get the email. And I now having the issue with the Linksys phones. Both problems are new. I use to get my voicemail’s in my email box, but out of the blue they stopped. This one part I never watched him set-up or fix when I had a issue.

Thanks again for all the help!!

I offered you the location of the log files. If navigating the file system and looking at mail logs is too much for you I would consider using our paid support. A professional will log into your system remotely and give you a full assessment of the situation.

SkykingOH -

Ok - tested it again just to make sure. There is no mail hop/ relay for the mail.

Well, either sendmail or postfix needs to be installed and configured on the system with a valid relay host.

SkykingOH any chance you could call me? That is if your willing to give me a little guidance on the install ??

Please check your private messages on the board.