Two Issues after deploying

We just went live with our FreePBX system. So far…It’s fantastic. I have two issues that I can’t seem to figure out and the docs are confusing to me (these are probably simple answers).

  1. Our main extension is a virtual extension. If they get to the end of the IVR it says dial ‘0’ or stay on the line. I can’t get the stay on the line to ring to the ring group that I need for an incoming call. Dialing ‘0’ works as expected.

  2. We are using another virtual extension for our on call pastor. It rotates so we will forward the extension to a different cell phone weekly. If the pastor misses the call for whatever reason we want the call to go back to the extension voice mail. Currently it goes to the person’s cell phone. Am I not supposed to forward? If not…how would I get the behavior needed?

Like I said…these are probably easy things and something that I just missed. Thanks in advance for the help.

Ok…I got these figured out.

Number one was just a matter of playing with the invalid and timeout retries and destination.

Number two was fixed by enabling the Find Me/Follow Me in the UCP and configuring things through that rather than forwarding the extension.

Posted what I did for others searching for these solutions.

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