Two Inbound Routes, One Custom Destination

Hi all,

My setup is A2Billing with FreePBX. I have some clients that work in an office enviroment. They all have PIN numbers generated from A2Billing, and then the call passes through trunks setup in FreePBX. I have also setup 2 inbound routes in FreePBX for 2 different services for the office: DID 1 provides PINless dialing (CID) while DID 2 provides PIN dialling. Both the inbound routes are directed from my extensions.conf file and with custom destinations.

What would I have to do to make sure that regardless of which inbound route anyone from the office calls, it will pass through the custom destination set for DID 2? Right now in my extensions.conf file, I have the following for this setup:

exten => _X./19054954420,DeadAGI(a2billing.php|2)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You should not be editing the extensions.conf file. But instead placing this code in the extensions_custom.conf file under the proper context. See for more info.

Under what context are you currently putting this line of code? Which by the way is also not properly coded as you are missing a line number reference as the second parameter (before the command DeadAGI).

i appreciate it! ummm… for the context, that what i’m needing help with. i don’t know what to do about that. the context is custom and just called floras. since i want it to be so that no matter which inbound route is called, the call will go through the custom context flora.

so for this is what i have come up with inside the custom destinations field:


thanks again for the help!!

So I figured out how to do this… simply create a custom destination, then create an inboud route, except don’t apply a DID number to the outbound, instead set a CID number and make the route a CID priority route. then set the custom destination to this route and you’re good to go… hope this helps someone!