Two I.P's for one FreePBX on one Raspberry Pi?

Hi All.
So I am running FreePBX V13 on a Raspberry Pi, a Grandstream GXW 4104 and approx. 8 IP Phones…
My problem is that every few months, both my outgoing and incoming stop working.
WireShark trace revealed that calls that were made were going via SIP - problem is I don’t have a Device with that I.P
My Raspberry Pi with FreePBX is at, but when I browse to the other I.P (.129), I open up another FreePBX web interface…?! And still another FreePBX web interface at

So when I change my SIP settings to use - my VOIP system works again.

Does anyone have any idea how or why this new I.P web interface exists now? And how to fix it at a desired I.P for good?

ZI - S.A

Connect with putty at your raspberry and run the following command

ip addr

It will show you what ip addresses the ras has. It happened to me also. I have given to ras a static ip but it was getting also an ip from the dhcp. Check this and if this is what is happening you should configure your dhcp.

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Thanks for your reply.
The Raspberry is set to Static I.P so I’m not sure where DHCP comes in or where you mean to configure it (in your reply).

See below putty:

Thanks. Your help is greatly apperciated.
Did you manage to resolve your I.P issue and how?


You have a secondary ip setup. Check your network configuration.