Two Extensions One Phone

Well I am new to Freepbx so be gentle on me.

I am ultimately trying to configure a phone to be able to answer a call coming in from two different phone numbers but hove the ability to have the two different phone number on two different line keys. As well I would like to be able to dial out with two different phone numbers. So an example would be phone number 1 would ring in on line key 1 and phone number 2 would ring in on line key 2 the same phone number dial on line key 2.

I don’t have a configuration for this and if there is a best phone to use for this i will buy it.

So i guess what i am asking is can i put 2 extensions on one phone and if so how. I do have EPM and extension routing but i am still at a loss as to how to get 2 different extensions on one phone.

it is simple and assuming you are insistent on doing it, then just about any sip phone (polycom, Mitel, Yealink, Sangoma…) will work. you configure two extensions, and put them on the same MAC but with different accounts. one extension is account 1 and the other is account 2. your inbound routes would send one phone number to extension 1 and the other to extension 2. as to outbound calling to keep life simply set up one outbound route with a dial prefix (i.e. 8) that sets the outbound caller id to the second number. use another outbound route without a dial prefix and set the caller id to that of the first number.

More info

Thank you for your replies! It worked great on my yealink phones. So i uncovered my real issue the Cisco spa525 provisioning.

I guess i have changed something unknowingly as it relates to my SPA525 i cant get the unprovisioned phones to provision and the provisioned phones to update the provisioning the only thing that i can think of is that i updated the firmware to the latest version.

i don’t have our spa5 phone handy but i think it typically uses http for provisioning. it might use ftp but i don’t remember. make sure you have provisioning set to yes in the phones and then verify that the provisioning protocol is setup correctly on your pbx.