Two extensions, one agent queue question

Greetings FreePBX community. I believe I have a simple problem, but I’m too new to the PBX world to know how to solve it.

I have a small shop, with one call receptionist. She typically works in the office but will often be in the garage. When the phone rings, she needs to hear it. I have the main extension in the office, with a 2nd in the garage. Ideally I’d like it so that when she is on either extension all following incoming calls are greeted with a “Currently helping another customer” announcement and placed on hold until she finishes her call.

I currently have all incoming calls hitting a ring group to ring both extensions. I like having the ability to call her office extension from the shop extension as well. I fear I’d lose that if I put both phones on the same extension.

Thoughts on how to configure it so that if ANY phone is in use, all future incoming calls get put on hold.


Sounds like you need a queue not an rg

I concur with @dicko. A RG just rings multiple phones, a queue actually manages the call and allows you to control how it’s handled. A side benefit is that you could also extend the model so that you add functionality like “Press 1 to talk to Gladys or press 2 to hear the shop’s hours.” in an IVR…

Sorry, I mentioned it in my topic, but forgot to reference the idea in my message more clearly. A queue is what I’m wanting, but I only have one ‘agent’. So I want both phones to ring, but once she has answered from either phone for it to queue all calls behind that.

Is there a “One concurrent call” per queue setting? So that when she answers from either phone the other doesn’t simply ring, and rather puts all other calls on hold?

queues ring agents and agents answer queues If she logs in from one extension as a dynamic agent, only that extension will ring, chan-pjsip extensions can ring more than one physical device, not so much chan-sip ones

Of course the queue should ‘skip busy agents’ in this scenario. If she is not logged in, then the queue can fail over to an RG

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