Two excellent providers

Binfone http// they will go out of their way to help you excellent instructions easy of use Asterisk , trixbox compatible excellent DID prices, they have a one time setup fee but well worth it because they are very reliable and they also offer termination or use your own. If they don’t have your area code, they’ll have it in about 10 days at your request.

The other guys are is advertising just abut anywhere you lookup VOIP. You can get your DIDs working instantlly and then you can use their termination or your own. Asterisk, Trixbox support and instructions, execellent DID prices. http//

Check out their sites to see what they have to offer.

You can e-mail either of these companies and will have a return quickly. Good service and willing to help.

Hope it works out for you. Good Luck

Don’t you mean “ExPENSIVE prices” shock

I imagine you are talking about their termination. Termination may be expensive but you can use your own. The reason I like a service like this is because you can set up your system and have a number or two working very, very, very inexpensive and fast without problems or headaches, is very straight forward. Then you select whoever you want to use for termination. I don’t use their termination but I use DIDs from both of these companies because they are reliable, the DIDs don’t stop working and you are free to choose your A-Z termination. I like BinFone even better. Other companies charge more for their DIDs and you are stuck with their termination. Anyways Cyber, I should have specified, DIDs prices. I have searched, and unless something changed in the last week I don’t think you can get better DIDs prices with two channels and unlimited incoming minutes. So I thought I would share my findings with the community, that’s all. Thanks.

ah ok my bad…