Two different time conditions within a main time condition

I am running a FreePBX installation V13 and have it configured currently to work like this:

  • Ring groups and Queueus
  • Between 8-12pm and 1-5pm calls go to ring groups or queue
  • Weekends etc. there is voice messages

Now I need to adjust the setup to do the following:

  • Ring groups for front desk and queue for support
  • between 8-12pm, 1-3pm ring front desk ring group for ext1 and support queue for ext2
  • between 3-5pm all calls should go to ext2 queue
  • Weekends etc. again vocie messages

However I am not sure how I could achieve this easily. Because for incoming lines I just configure the main time condition.

Or could I really just simply set the “timeout condition” then for the ring group to send calls to the Q?

Edit: I figured it out on my own now - I just made another time condition upfront and it looks like it would work.

Not sure if you’ve looked at the calendar module, but the calendar module can be used in conjunction for more powerful time manipulation.

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