Twilio Sip Trunk not Registered -- Is that a problem?

I have my server setup via the documentation from Twilio for US servers. Everything is communicating fine but I notice that there is no registration detected for these trunks. Should I be concerned about that?

The short answer is “obviously not, since it’s working”, but there’s a reason why you’re asking the question, so what are you looking for. For example, if you’re using IP Authentication, your connection will not be registered and should work fine. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll take a run at it.

I just didn’t know if it was a gotcha waiting to happen where sure it works now but as soon as situation X occurs I’m hosed. In other words I didn’t know if ALL trunks should be registered or if exceptions are ok.

If you’re using IP Authentication and not using registration strings, you should be fine as long as your IP address doesn’t change.

Thanks. Just wanted to be sure that was the expected behavior.

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