Twilio incoming calls 401 Unauthorized

WE have a twilio trunk setup as well as 2 other carrier trunks. No matter what, for incoming calls I get call can not be completed. I checked with wireshark and I have a 401 unauthorized error. ACL is set and username and password are correct. I renamed the trunks so that twilio would be first by putting an A in front. Still no go.

logs, logs, logs

No logs as it’s not hitting the pbx that I can see. I get 401 unauthorized with wire shark

what is wireshark running on?

I downloaded the pcaps from twilio and opened them in wireshark and it shows 401 unauthorized

something caused the 401 the ip will be in wireshark

We resolved this issue and I am not impressed with twilio support. Horrible. The chan sip trunk they want you to setup gives the 401 unauthorized error. Solved by setting up a Pjsip trunk and matching the IPs in the permit section. Sangoma saved the day on this one.

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Not true. their current documents (last updated in 2016 specifically tell you to use PJSIP. I wouldn’t be surprised if their support didn’t use their own instructions though.

Thats exactly what happened. The support is not good. Nice interface but support is terrible. No phone support and they take hours even on down problems to respond.

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