Turn on/off voicemail for ringgroup from phone

PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-17
PBX Service Pack:


we have installed FreePBX and 12 PJSIP extensions (801-812). These extensions are all in a ringgroup (850). Additionally we have create a virtual extension (820) only for voicemail.

In the ringgroup we configured “Destination if no answer” to the voicemail (820). This works fine, the caller goes to voicemail after 25 seconds (Ring Time).

On the phone we configured the voicemail-button with “*98820”, so all members of the ringgroup can monitor the voicemail-messages.

Now, we search a possibility to activate and deactivate the voicemail (820) of the virtual extension for the ringgroup via phone (functioncode). Is that possible?

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Have the Ring Group fail over to a Call Flow Control, and then choose the two destinations. You can use the call flow control feature code to toggle between voicemail and some other destination for the caller.

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Hello lgaetz,

thank you, this is the solution.

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