Turn off caller id for anonymous hotline

Hey all,

We have a hotline here that is supposed to be anonymous, but when the call comes in, the use can see the caller id. Is there anyway to disable this for just one specific device? I’ve googled and couldn’t find someone with a similar issue, but I’m sure it’s been done before…


If it needs to be really anonymous would it not be better to have the phone company disable it?

But to answer your question under the Applications menu the is a Set CallerID selection.

Well this would be for internal calls so I don’t think either of those solutions would work in my case. Any other suggestions?

A quick workaround might be to prepend a long enough string to the CID that the actual number disappears off to the right of the phones’ display.

Well the hotline is just a standard voicemail with no phone attached. The number would show up in the email, I’m sure.

Not if you edited /etc/asterisk/vm_email.inc to suit.

That is true, but I want to include the number in the email for all the other extensions.

Then you have some conditional coding to do. Either in a dialplan context you will write or perhaps you could also do that conditional coding in your yet to be written externnotify script to be referenced in /etc/asterisk/vm_general.inc to replace the inbuilt email notification…