Turn off after hours for one extension

I have an HR users that works off hours and when someone calls there ext it goes straight to after hours. How can I set this extension up to receive calls after hours?

“For example if an associate tries to call their ext at 6pm they are unable to get through” And I need them to be able to get through.

Please advise how I can have her extension receives calls after hours.


Can you explain what happens? How do you route the calls?

If it’s a standard IVR and you don’t allow direct dialing, add their extension number as an IVR menu option and point the destination to their extension.

@donnyforbes this really is the most important question. The problem anyone that undertakes this is knowing when to do the redirect and when not.

There are lot of ways to make this happen, some more challenging than others. For example, if you know the incoming Caller IDs, you can automatically drop those inbound calls onto this person’s extension with a “CID Only” Inbound Route. This means that anyone that needs to do this has to have their own CID-based Inbound Route, so it doesn’t scale very well.

If you don’t mind all inbound calls “after hours”, you can use a Feature Code to turn after hours calling on and off. The problem with this is that anyone that calls (spammers, customers, employees, etc.) gets dropped onto your HR guy’s line. Also, if he forgets to turn “night mode” back on, all of your overnight calls will end up in his voicemail.

You could use an IVR and don’t tell people that they can direct dial. That way, if someone is listening to the IVR message and aren’t in on “the secret”, they think they get IVR options. Everyone else dials in as normal. This is suboptimal unless you document it - you won’t remember how you did it in a year, and anyone that has to adjust without your knowledge will be completely in the dark.

So, the original question is the most important - what is your inbound call routing strategy now. Once we understand that, we can make some suggestions.


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