TUNKS will not show in FOP

Just upgraded all modules to 2.6. Restarted the server and can not get Tunks to show in FOP panel. They are gone, but working and showing in the system through admin.

which trunks explicitly are not showing up? SIP, IAX, Zap - please provide details. Thanks.

SIP trunks are missing. Everything is working but they are not showing.

SIP trunks will not show up. I upgraded and during installation added SIP tool.
Restarted the system. Trunks are gone from the FOP. I restararted couple of times before I posted this comment.I olso noticed when I first upgraded trunk names which identifies them were also blank.

Here are the relevant tickets

#3291 and #3835

grab the new retireve_conf and retrieve_op_conf_from_mysql.php from svn 2.6 branch if you can’t wait for a new framework module upgrade with those in it which should be coming within a day or two.

Hi, i have the same issue, except mine are ZAP Trunks. Please advise. or should i also use tickets #3291 and #3835?

Thanks in advance!

Justin Doubell