TTSengines module


So when i trying to save tts engine on page above. pbxlib.js is getting error, and i can’t save new tts engines in my installiation.

 pbxlib.js?load_version=13.0.1beta3.65.1442231979:1041 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'checkValidity' of undefined

I’ve tried to do $(‘form’).submit() from that uri, and then get another error, but now with php.

Whoops\Exception\ErrorException thrown with message "Call to undefined function ttsengines_edit_engine()"

#0  in /var/www/html/admin/modules/ttsengines/page.ttsengines.php:13

How to reestablish freepbx assets files? How to get rid of this php error?

I’m seeing the same, file a bug at

I’m very sorry, but i can’t login in to issues tracker, still waiting for account activation

I will take care of it. :grinning:

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Thanks, i’ll glad to see updates for modules i’ve issued asap :sunglasses:

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Fixed, Should be published sometime today. Version will be 13.0.4

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Is this a joke? It’s not fixed.

Woah. Please try to be more kind in your responses. Perhaps you need to clear your cache or use a different browser