TTS - Apply config overwrites propolys-tts.agi

I’ve got Google Text To Speech working well on FreePBX, but in order to do that I have had to add the below lines to /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/propolys-tts.agi

            case 'GoogleTTS':
                    exec($enginebin." -l EN -f $textfile -r 8000 -o $wavefile");

Once I do this, GoogleTTS works great!
…but the next time I make a change in the FreePBX and hit Apply config, my changes to propolys-tts.agi
are removed.

Is there anyway I can make my custom changes stay? I assume there is a template FreePBX is using to recreate the propolys-tts.agi file, but I can’t find where that is.


This file is copied from:

Every time you apply config in FreePBX. You can edit the original, but it will be overwritten whenever you update the tts module.

Thank you, this has worked well.
Noted regarding module updates.

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