Trying to write CEL to a file

I’m trying to either figure out where cel data is logged by default or configure the system to write data to a file so I can retrieve it via ftp. Got the ftp part figured out, cannot get the system to write to a file.

I’ve used sample files from github that say the data should be going to /var/log/asterisk/cel-custom/master.csv that is not working.

Thanks in advance!

By default in FreePBX you will find the mysql asteriskcdrdb celtable populated, you will have to manually add csv logging a la

I appreciate your help. I’ve picked through that thoroughly, so far am unable to get it to produce a csv. I’ve configured the mappings in cel_custom When I cli “cel show status” it does not show CSV as a backend. I assume there is something else I to add to tell it to write those mappings but am unable to find any documentation to point me in the right direction.

Sorry, I have no need to produce such a csv file, quite happy with mysql/mariadb, technically it should work, but that is all about RTFM’ing after you properly enable csv/cel logging (you will need both). FTP is a horrible way to move data between any network connected machines, but well protected mysql/ssh/rsync all way easier to use and secure, if you are a windoze user, sorry, ‘I don’t do winders’

The procedure for converting MySQL data to CSV is well documented in the MySQL ‘mysqldump’ program documentation. I recommend you use that on a more-or-less regular basis to create your CSV file and process it as a batch.

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