Trying to update to beta 1.7 but locks up

I attempted to update to the latest beta release and in the process selected all of the available updates - hit process and the new screen popped open to show the progress and locked up at that point.

I had to close the current instance of IE, then attempted to go back in and do just the core upgrade but same thing, new window opens up, but locks and does not complete - have to close IE instance.

Core now shows >> Disabled; Pending upgrade to 2.9.0beta1.7

Tried in Firefox and same result.

Had 2.9.0beta1.5

Yes, that worked - followed your instructions on framework, then core upgraded ok. Applied changes and all is right.

Uninstalling the core didnt really sound like a good option to me so I figured I better bring up the issue - I can screw things up pretty good, but I stop once I get so far :slight_smile:

Thanks for the speedy response, and all your efforts.


ok it is a bug in Module Admin #4903

it is not presenting you with the option of downloading the new version before upgrading the broken one. Kind of a Catch-22…

It’s actually possible to use the CLI version of module_admin to get around this issue I’m pretty sure. It may also have been possible to choose the uninstall option on core but generally that would be a bad idea i think. In the case of core, there is no uninstall script so not too much harm would be done. You would probably have lost any changes to default feature code settings but not much else. None the less, not the right approach.

For now, try upgrading Framework (and don’t press the Orange Bar after), then check to see if you can download the newest Core which should address issues I hope (it did on mines when I setup the same state you are in).

Module admin says Disabled; Pending upgrade to 2.9.0beta1.7

I then check for updates and the state stays the same - upgrade to 1.7

Click upgrade to 1.7 and process

Then shows upgrade to 1.8 - but locks up in the process

I am ok with working on getting it fixed as it is - would rather help you get to the bottom of the issue so others dont have the same deal. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.

I understand on Apply Configuration Changes - I’ll keep that in mind shoudl it happen again.

The system appears to be functioning, however extensions do not appear in the left column menu - among other things.

It is not a production system at the moment - still trying to learn before it goes live.

sorry, my bad, it’s fixed now go get the new one.

LOL - thats ok Philippe :slight_smile:

I still seem to be blocked from doing the update - module admin still showing upgrade to 1.7 - while 1.8 is available

Module admin says core is disabled and upgrade to 1.7, when I process it changes to 1.8, but still locks up and does not complete.

So figured, maybe I’ll try to process another upgrade (which I think was framework) and received this error after I hit apply configuration

exit: 255found language dir fr for directory, not installed on system, skippingPHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function core_users_list() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/campon/ on line 291
1 error(s) occurred, you should view the notification log on the dashboard or main screen to check for more details.

are you not able to go to Module Admin, check for new updates, see 1.8 and download it and install it?

I’m pretty sure it should let you do that.

I could tell you how to go in and fix the issue by hand but if you can’t pull down the new one to rectify the problem then I’d like to know what it’s going to take so we can rectify that since it should work.

btw - you never want to try to Apply Configuration Changes when you are in a broken state like that. The up-side of such errors is that they will almost never have a breaking affect on a live system. They could result (as this did) in locking out from doing any changes until it gets rectified, but your PBX will continue to function as last configured. If you go and try to Apply Changes, at best, it will block you by failing, at worse, you may break your functioning PBX. (If the above error had not happened (undefined function) you would have completely botched your PBX because none of core would have been generated meaning you wouldn’t have any extensions, routes, etc.