Trying to understand a feature of 2.9

We currently have an issue with using Freepbx and a2billing. When an extension places a call through a2billing and then transfers it to another extension, a2billing stops billing. This is because of the design of asterisk/freepbx and there is nothing a2billing can do about it apparently.

“The curprite is the local channel driver. A local channel is created on a transfer and then deleted once the call is patched. I can see no way of retaining this in a normal transfer scenario. This is not a bug with A2B, but a ‘feature’ or rather a flaw in asterisk’s call accounting.”

Would this feature of 2.9 be a possible solution to this?? See below:

Optional Diversion headers (using the new Advanced Settings controls). This allows for Call Diversion information to be automatically generated for all forwarded calls as a result of Call Forwarding, Follow-Me, Ringgroups, Queues, Misc Destinations or any other mechanism that can take a call that originated from the outside and resulted in a new call being placed out a trunk.